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The Darkest Minds

Recently I read a book called ‘The Darkest Minds’ by Alexandra Bracken. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and quickly became engrossed in the story line. The characters are well painted, with clear personalities and backstories. The author uses great descriptive language to create a sense of reality for the reader, which allows you to get lost in the story. The plot is very clear and creative, and the book has a shock ending, which leads smoothly into the next books in the series. Overall, this book is a very enjoyable read, and I recommend it to everyone, especially those who enjoy dystopian books.


inky State Library Victoria

Shocking ending? A cliff hanger? Will you read the next book in the series? The books and author are in the Inside a Dog data base so I linked them to your post :)

21st Aug, 19

I have never heard of The Darkest Minds, but it sounds like a very interesting book. Are there any other dystopian books that you also enjoy?

9th Oct, 19

What's the general plot like? No spoilers ;)

9th Oct, 19